Better for the Horse, Better for You.

haycube200x200 The most important part of a horse’s diet is their hay.  Often, good-quality hay simply isn’t available. With Square Meal, your horses get high-quality forage regardless of your local hay conditions.  The long fiber length of the forage in the Square Meal biscuit makes it more appealing to the horse than pellets and improves digestion. It’s a complete diet –meaning it has adequate levels of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins – when combined with plenty of fresh water and free choice loose salt.  Square Meal formulates biscuits for horses at different stages of life and work, and is backed by research done at respected equine universities.

Horse owners get conflicting information from feed companies, feed bags, magazines and even veterinarians. Square Meal has been proven through research to be better for the horse – which makes it better for you.

Square Meal is confident that you will find our feeding program a very economical means of keeping your horses healthy.  Email us today for a free quote: lisa@aretehorses.com.

Square Meal Products available:

Square Meal Next Generation - For the horse’s first two years of life.

Square Meal Happy Horse – For maintaining the health of the horse in its middle years.

Square Meal Senior Supply – For the horse 15 years of age and older.

Square Meal Equine Winner - For the active horse.

Top 3 Horse Feed Myths, Busted!

Myth: Horses need lots of grain.

Mythbuster: No, they don’t. The digestive system of the horse is the perfect engine for processing forage, but overfeeding grain causes digestive problems that are manifested in ways that hurt horse health and contentment.

2) Myth: Grain is critical as a protein supplement.

Mythbuster: Nope. There’s plenty of protein in a diet rich with high-quality roughage. A good feeding program should be based on forages with very little in the way of supplements.

3) Myth: My feed salesman said horses need grain to stay healthy.

Mythbuster: These folks may be well-meaning, but they’re selling grain, not horse health. Too much grain is harmful to horses’ digestive systems.


The Research is Clear

When it comes to our approach to horse health, the research is clear.  Respected horse nutritionists at respected equine university programs around the country agree that Square Meals Feed delivers the best approach to horse health.